Growth Track is a simple program that we have created for anyone who is considering partnership with us at Life Community Church. It helps us get to know you, as well as you to learn more about us as a church, more about yourself, and help you to find out where you belong!

So, what does Growth Track involve?

Firstly, we provide you with in-depth details about what we believe as a church, so that you understand our foundation before making the commitment to partner with us.

Secondly, we offer a couple of simple assessments (spiritual gifts test and the MBTI) to find where your strengths lie, and help you better understand where you might best fit to use your talents most effectively.

The main purpose of Growth Track is discovery!

We want you to learn more about us, and more about who God created you to be!

In its current format, Growth Track typically takes place a few times a year on a Saturday morning and lasts until the afternoon, and it includes a free lunch and fellowship time after the class.

If you are interested in partnership with Life Community Church, keep an eye on our events calendar, or keep up with our Sunday morning announcements to find out when the next session will be!

If you have not gone though Growth Track yet, and call Life Community Church your home, we hope that you prayerfully consider signing up for our next Growth Track to become a partner!