Most churches have membership for those who call them home, but the word "membership" draws up ideas of regularly paid dues and special benefits for those who are a part of an organization.

At Life Community Church, we recognize that there is a difference between "a church" and "the Church."

The Church is not a building, but it is made up of those who follow Jesus and actively advance His Kingdom.

Because of this, we understand that the mission of the Church is not to simply show up on a Sunday mornings, sing some songs, listen to a sermon, and then go about our daily lives unchanged. Instead, we need to maintain a personal walk with Christ every day, and regularly live out the commands that He gives.

This is why we don't believe in holding membership at Life Community Church, but pursing partnership.

Being a partner means that we all work together in the mission that Christ gave us to reach the lost and broken in this world.

God has created us with different talents, ideas, and gifts to bring to the table, and we all must play a role within our church to serve in the unique ways that God calls us.

If you call Life Community Church your home, and wish to serve in one of our many existing ministry teams, or if you feel called to serve in a brand-new ministry within our church, we ask that you would take the steps to become a Life Team partner with us by going through a program that we call Growth Track.